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... adViva's Continence Service Hotline

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adViva ist Gesundheitspartner im Bereich Bewegung von Anpfiff ins Leben e.V., KTG-Heidelberg, TSG Hoffenheim, TSV Birkenau und Sportkreis Heidelberg.

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Rund 100 adViva-Mitarbeiter unterstützen Sie mit den Schwerpunkten Sanitätsbedarf, Orthopädietechnik und Rehatechnik rund um Analyse, Beratung und Produkte .


"High demands on quality as well as optimal consultation and individual care service in order to achieve the best possible results." That's our way of working at adViva.

adViva® Medical Supply Store . Orthopedic Technology . Rehabilitation Technology

adViva medical supply store, orthopedics and rehabilitation technology is represented with five locations and 100 employees in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar: Heidelberg-Wieblingen homes the administration and the latest equipment for the production of orthopedic insoles, orthoses and prostheses . Individual motion analyses are carried out here by sports scientists and physiotherapists and expert consultancy is provided for assistive products. In the ATOS clinic in Heidelberg-Center you will encounter thorough consultation by skilled employees as regards compression therapy, breast prosthetics, orthopedic insoles, bandages and comfortable shoes. 

In Neckargemünd in the SRH Berufsbildungswerk and in Sinsheim we have focused on everything related to wheelchairs, continence aids including appropriate consultation as well as therapeutic devices. In the most recent location in Mannheim you can also benefit from the employees' technical and medical knowledge: Topic-specific consultation hours serve as a possibility to talk to the respective expert consultant about your concerns:


  • "Moving healthy" … adViva’s consultation hours for active people and sportsmen: Orthopedic insoles, motion analysis, bandages …
  • "Being a woman" … adViva’s consultation hours for post-mastectomy patients: Breast prosthetics, lingerie and swimwear, lymphatic care, compression therapy …
  • "Medical devices for everyday life" … adViva’s consultation hours for home care and rehabilitation: walkers, bath stools, handholds, grippers, active wheelchairs
  • "All about the child" … adViva’s consultation hours for growing-up healthy: Orthopedic and rehabilitation technology, orthopedic insoles, orthoses, seat shells …
  • "Walk safely" … adViva’s gait consultation hours for active people with movement disorders (e.g. stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetes) and … adViva’s consultation hours on prostheses: Orthopedic insoles, orthoses, prostheses …

A close cooperation of the five competence centers in the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge. In all locations adViva offers individual and competent consultation focusing on the individual needs and treatment aims of the patient and customer.

In 1997 adViva was founded by the current managing directors Gerhard Biber and Klaus Happes in Heidelberg.