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Continence Aids, absorbent

All our products for absorbent continence care are of highest quality and comply with the quality norms of ISO and CE. The special characteristics of the absorbent products – AIR (breathable), Latex Free (no latex elements) and Odour Stop (odour absorption) allow to raise the standard of living for the affected persons and enable them to live an active life and secure their possibilities to participate in society. The broad choice offered, combined with our advisory services, will enable you to find the optimal product for your individual needs.

The products listed below are merely a selection of the broad assortment that adViva offers. Please contact us to assist you in choosing the right absorbent panty liner or briefs from our range – to ensure that you get the full protection, no matter which type or grade of incontinence. 

Pads for Urine Continence

Special breathable pads for women and men are available for light to moderate incontinence. 

Product characteristics

  • breathable: the pads are available in different sizes and have an absorbing capacity of at least 150 ml
  • absorbent and neutral in odour: the absorbing cushion is made of cellulose pulp with superabsorbent polymers
  • comfort: anatomic fit, soft outer layer (breathable laminate) and comfortable inner fleece, latex free
  • the two smaller sizes (Mini, Normal) look like normal panty liners, but have, thanks to their special structure, a much higher absorbing capacity and give therefore more security
  • the three larger sizes (Extra, Super, Plus) have additional leg gathers with elastic yarn in the crotch and are especially designed for women with moderate incontinence
  • the perfect solution for active people who set value on comfort, security and discretion

Anatomically Shaped Pads

The breathable anatomically shaped pads are especially designed for moderate to strong incontinence.

Product characteristics:

  • Perfectly suited for active persons, as well as persons confined to bed
  • More discreet than briefs, secure free air circulation. The outer layer, a breathable laminate, regulates the temperature in the pad, thereby reducing the risk of skin irritation and decubitus ulcers.
  • Comfort: Anatomical shape with elastic yarn in the crotch; used in combination with an elastic mesh pants to hold in place; soft outer layer with breathable laminate
  • Absorbent and odour neutralizing: double absorption core with superabsorbent polymers; leak-prevention;  latex free
  • Discretion: The white colour of the laminate makes the anatomical pads invisible even underneath light-coloured clothing. The fineness of the fabric prevents crackling sounds.

Absorbent Incontinence Briefs

Breathable briefs designed for moderate to strong incontinence (day).

Product characteristics

  • The skin can breathe easily thanks to the breathable laminate in the outer insulation layer, which is used instead of a PE-foil.
  • The products fulfil all the requirements of bed sore- and burn wound prophylaxis (prevention of a temperature increase in the briefs). A continuous temperature control is ensured and reduces the risk of skin infections and skin irritations significantly.
  • Contrary to products with PE-foil closing with tapes, the briefs ensure a secure fixation due to their Velcro straps.
  • Equipped with standard levels of absorbency. (The first level of absorbency can be seen at the blue stripe on the laminate.)
  • Absorbent and odour neutralizing: double absorption core with superabsorbent polymers; leak-prevention
  • Comfort: elastic front- and back ending; elastic yarn in the crotch and anatomical shape; double Velcro fastener, wetness indicator, fine outer layer of breathable laminate, latex free, the fineness of the fabric prevents crackling sounds.

Bed Protection (Bed Underlay for Patients)

Bed protection with absorbent core of cellulose fluff

Product characteristics:

  • The absorbent core of Seni Soft is made out of soft cellulose fluff.
  • The outer layer of soft fleece fabric ensures highest comfort.
  • The lowest layer, an impregnated, laminated foil, prevents the bed underlay from shifting on the bedding.
  • The 90 x 170 cm Seni Soft bed protection is equipped with wings. They can be fixed under the mattress to keep it even better in shape and thus ensure optimal protection.
  • The sizes 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm und 90 x 60 cm are available in packs of 5 or 30 pieces.