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Functional disturbances of the bowel are a frequently observed consequence of paraplegia, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis and other disease syndromes.

Coloplast has developed the all-in-one system Peristeen Anale Irrigation, which offers users and caregivers a significant relief in handling bowel management.

Pump-Based Anal Irrigation System, Mechanical

With this all-in-one system for bowel continence regular and significantly shortened voiding times as well as independence for mobile users can be achieved for patients with neurogenic bowel dysfunction.

Product features:

  • The all-in-one system consists of a water container, a multifunctional control unit and rectal catheters. Users can manage the system after a short learning period independently. Used correctly continence can be achieved.
  • The independence of the user is enhanced by individually choosing the time of use. Thereby the time for caretaking can be reduced.
  • The system consists of a water container with integrated pressure regulation and anti-reflux valve, control unit, two inlet- and outlet tubes and rectal catheters.
  • No additional medical additives or power is needed and it works even independent of gravity. This is a natural method, which is well tolerated and can be used over a longer period without any side effects.
  • PAI small – smaller rectal catheter also for children.

Pump-Based Anal Irrigation System, Electrical

The rectal catheter is used in connection with an irrigation device. 

Product characteristics

• Continuous irrigation process of the rectum using a constant pressure
• The rectal catheter guarantees a high clearance of the intestine and thus prevents further stool from slipping dow