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Custom-Made Orthoses

Orthesen und Softorthesen unterstützen bei jeder individuellen Zielsetzung - sowohl bei Bein, Arm oder Rumpf

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The Orthoses adViva develops for the individual needs of common medical conditions are produced in our own workshops. This provides the advantages of close communication and team effort as well as high flexibility for fast preparation and corrections.

Custom-made orthoses correct the joint situation, improve gait, support, guide and stabilize.

The comprehensive know-how of the adViva experts in the field of standing and walking orthoses is integrated in the development and production processes of positioning orthoses, trunk orthoses as well as hand and arm orthoses.

Physical goals Maturation of the hip socket . prevent dislocasion . prevent or improve joint contracture . increase bone density . activate trunc musculature . head control . muscle tone regulation . strengthening the cardiovascular system . promotion of gastrointestinal movement . improve respiration, including an increased oxygen level in the blood.

Cognitive goals for improving self-awareness . spacial perception . communication . social competence . attention

Our adViva expert team will gladly consult you according to your individual needs.

You can contact us directly at our five locations in Heidelberg-Wieblingen, Heidelberg Center, Mannheim, Neckargemünd and Sinsheim or via email at kontakt@adViva-info.de.