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Lower-Leg Orthoses

The adViva lower-leg orthoses are fabricated by PrePreg technology. The orthopaedic aid is characterized by its design and dynamic properties.

It is custom-made and adapted to individual requirements. From this results the necessary energy storage and restoration during a gait cycle.

Lower-leg orthoses with joints

- club foot prevention
- stabilisation of the upper and lower ankle joints
- stabilisation of axial malalignments 
- correction of axial malalignments by embracing the condyles
- movement range of the upper ankle joint is precisely adjustable by mechanical joints

adV PowerSpring® ... Developed by adViva

- improved knee extension and easier swing through achieved by optimal coordination between the design of the orthosis and the choice of materials
- increased energy return allowing a more economical gait, and consequently expanding the range of action
- active extension of the muscles
- possibility of wearing conventional shoes
- corrected positions of the upper and lower ankle joints are supported in spite of dynamic joint flexibility
- movement is not blocked but supported
- the orthosis becomes a training device

For further information please contact:
Gerhard Biber . phone +49 6221 73923-0 . biber@adViva-info.de