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Analysis for Cyclists and Triathletes

Die biomechanische Radanalyse umfasst die Vermessung der Radgeometrie und der Körperbiometrie, die Satteldruckmessung und die Fußdruckmessung. Die Radfahrbewegung wird per Video frontal, von hinten und von der Seite analysiert.

adViva’s movement analysis has been extended by another individual component:

It is possible for cyclists and triathletes to watch their own movements. The aim of the video-assisted gait analysis is to improve personal performance by optimal and healthy sequence of movement. Individual biomechanics in movement are of great importance, but the geometry of the bike (racing bike, time trial bike, mountain bike …) has to be checked and adjusted as well.

Not only video technology allowing slow motion analyses from all perspectives, but also pressure measurement systems (e.g. foot/pedal power transmission) are used in order to fulfil a holistic approach and analysis.

adViva’s movement analysis for cyclists and triathletes is carried out by a sports scientist with many years of experience in sprint thriathlon up to ironman triathlon as a coach and as an active athlete.

Contact and information: Christian Faust, phone 06221 73923-0 or bewegen@adViva-info.de