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Job-Specific Movement Analysis

Das Bild zeigt die drei Bausteine: videogestützte Bewegungsanalyse und individuelle Trainingsempfehlung.

For people, who have to face and deal with special situations every day: The body often has to cope with repetitive movements and forces. For a certain period of time this may work all right, but it is an advantage, if shortcomings are quickly identified and the body can be strengthened preventively. This means to decrease the number of absences through prevention and enhance the efficiency of the company or the employee.

Job-specific movement analysis can also be carried out with our mobile system at work.

  • Prevention
  • Pain reduction
  • Identifying and demonstrating the specific strain of the body by analyzing and talking about the videos.

Contact and information will be given by the sports scientist: Moritz Göhring, phone 06221 73923-0 or http://bewegen@adviva-info.de