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Team testing

adViva begleitet sowohl Mannschaften im Breitensport als auch im Spitzensport.

The first step in team testing is a proper education of the coaches: We want the coaches to become aware of the musculoskeletal system of the sportsmen – regardless if recreational or competitive sports are concerned … and if the sportsmen are adults or children. We want to support healthy movement by interdisciplinary cooperation with coaches, therapists and parents.

One of the goals is to find out, what the unique features of a team are. What are the strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors? Based on this we try to find out, what the best approach might be to better achieve the goals. If we are confronted with strong individual differences of a single sportsman within the group, we take a closer look, of course.

Our main goal for the youth teams is: to grow up free and easy.

AdViva’s movement analysis is individually tailored to the respective sporting activity … and to the goal of the individual, of course.

 We are very happy to have accompanied the soccer youth teams in the “Anpfiff-ins-Leben” initiative, the women’s soccer team of TSG Hoffenheim (who made it into Germany's top soccer league, the Bundesliga), the women’s handball team of the TSV Birkenau ...

Contact and further information will be given by the sports scientist: Moritz Göhring, phone 06221 73923-0 or bewegen@adViva-info.de

Information events and meetings with parents, teams and divisions of sports clubs


• Detailed description and presentation of the testing process
• Movement analysis as a part of this process
• Information about assistive devices 

Education and training of coaches and athletic trainers

  • Awareness of the coaching personnel as regards the basics of walking as well as biomechanics in the respective sporting activity
  • Exchange of experience and evaluation of gained knowledge
  • Implementation and consolidation of gained knowledge
  • Presentation of prevention programs and exercise guides

Testing Process

  • Individually tailored testing dependent on the type of sport
  • Modification of training after the analysis of the testing
  • Determination of deficiencies / shortcomings
  • Individual analysis of each athlete

Provision of assistive products depending on the type of sport

  • Recommendation of insoles depending on the knowledge gained through the testing
  • Provision with bandages or clips

Individual test packages for all kinds of sports, sportsmen/sportswomen, teams and sports clubs