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Orthopedic Insoles "Senso"

Die Einlage adViva Neuro bietet sensibles Vorgehen für sichere Schritte in die Zukunft.

The sensomotoric (proprioceptive) orthodpedic active insoles adViva Senso are designed for the compensation of existing muscular imbalances and neurologically-induced malpositions. The specially designed active spots are taken into account accordingly for the orthopedic insoles "Alltag", "Sport" and "Elegance".

• stimulate the muscles and promote coordination 
• reduce long-term damage 
• allow targeted stimulation of muscles 
… thin, flexible and space-saving shape 
… indication-oriented individual fabrication

Appointment arrangements:
- Heidelberg-Wieblingen: phone 06221-73923-0,
- Heidelberg-Center: phone 06221-58807-0