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Bathroom Aids

A variety of bathroom and toilet aids have been developed to equip people with tools to conduct their daily hygiene themselves, even at higher age or after severe illness. Bath lifts and transfer benches for example give people with limitations in mobility the pleasure of a bath in the tub. Other options are shower- and toilet-aids.

The following product list shows only a very small selection of the broad assortment which we offer at adViva. We recommend you to contact us, so that we can assist you in finding the ideal bathroom aid from our range. 

Bath Lift

The bath lift helps you to safely take a bath – easy handling with just one button to press. A stable and robust frame with a reinforced scissor lift mechanism and base plate gives absolute security to feel comfortable during use.

Product features:

  • high back rest with comfortable formed neck rest, up to 40° recline
  • The covers have buttons and can be easily removed. Their smooth surface makes them easy to clean (also machine washable)
  • remote swims and is easy to grip and hold
  • The control unit and the rechargeable batteries are fitted into the hand held remote. The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have a manganese base; they are secured against complete discharge and do not build up a memory effect.
  • very light seat weighs only 7.5 kg
  • seat width: 375 mm (including the side flaps 715 mm)
  • seat depth: 490 mm
  • seat height: 60 mm to 42 mm
  • back rest: 360 mm wide and 665 mm high
  • total height of back rest: 1075 mm
  • base: 580 x 285 mm
  • total weight: 12.1 kg
  •  weight carrying capacity: 135 kg

Wall-Mounted Shower Fold-Up Chair

This shower chair is easily mounted to the wall and can be folded upwards when not in use. Comfortable sitting is ensured by the anatomically formed seat.

Product features:

  • discreet design that fits harmoniously into the bath room
  • smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • seat width: 380 mm (total width 385 mm)
  • seat depth: 370 mm (total depth 470 mm)
  • total height: 180 mm
  • height when folded up: 520 mm
  • total weight: 4.8 kg
  • weight carrying capacity: 135 kg

Shower Wheelchair

This shower and toilet chair has a cushioned seat and back rest that makes sitting more comfortable. The stable aluminium frame provides a feeling of absolute safety.

Product features:

  • arm rests can be folded up to make leaving the chair easier and the foot rest can be stored inwards during transfer or storage of the chair
  • personal hygiene is made easy by a hygiene cutout which is open towards the front
  • can be easily positioned above standard toilets
  • seat width: 420 mm (total width 580 mm)
  • seat depth: 420 mm (total depth 940 mm)
  • seat height: 530 mm (total height 940 mm)
  • depth of foot rest: 180 mm
  • back rest 360 mm wide and 665 mm high
  • guide pulley: 5“ (127 mm)
  • total weight: 13 kg
  • weight carrying capacity: 120 kg

Shower and Toilet Chair

The shower and toilet chair has two additional pneumatic springs next to the seat angle (inclination 0° - 35°) to recline the back rest as well. 

Product features:

  • operating lever with safety latch
  • fail-save stability even when tilted in the lowest position due to the included anti-tippers
  • seat height can be adjusted to 3 height levels without using additional tools
  • ergonomic seat and adjustable back rest (machine washable) enable the user to have an optimal seating position
  • head rest can be adjusted in height and depth (Other commercial head rests or position aids can also be mounted).
  • spacious between the side parts so that it can be easily positioned above standard toilets
  • seat width: 500 mm (total width 595 mm)
  • seat depth: 450 mm (total depth 1060 mm)
  • seat height: 510 mm – 610 mm (total height 1085 – 1185 mm)
  • depth of foot rest: 160 mm
  • guide pulley: 5“ (127 mm)
  • total weight: 23.5 kg
  • weight carrying capacity: 150 kg