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Rollators / Walkers

Living an active and independent life, even with walking handicaps, is ensured by using a rollator as a constant and reliable support while walking. In comparison to a walking stick or a crutch these walkers stay in constant reliable contact to the ground.

Rollators need to combine a multitude of characteristics: They have to be light but give sufficient stability at the same time. Stableness and safety are crucial functions for the user, not only while braking, but also while taking a break on the seat the rollator must not tip over.

Especially for active adventurous people a rollator is a valuable enrichment. It has to be small and foldable for easy storage and transport. So there is no problem to take it along on the bus, train and plane or even small vehicles.

Depending on your personal needs we would like to help you in choosing the optimal product from our range. We look forward to your visit to our medical and health care store “adViva Sanitätshaus” in the centre of Heidelberg. 

Rollator / Walker

This lightweight rollator makes it easy to overcome obstacles – it has got small dimensions for easy transport and a low weight.

Product features:

  • a memory function makes it easy to find the position of the handles again after transport
  • easily foldable, small dimensions
  • stands on 4 wheels even when folded. Thereby it can be easily stored in corners or behind doors
  • comfortable resting and sitting is provided by a seat net and safe parking brakes
  • recommended for a body size from 150 cm to 200 cm
  • max. user weight: 150 kg
  • height of handles: 78 – 100 cm 
  • seat height: 62 cm
  • swing diameter: 84 cm
  • weight: 7.4 kg


Limitations in walking and insecurities as a result of a reduced resilience through: 

  • diminished strength of the legs
  • balance problems
  • dizziness
  • apoplectic stroke
  • craniocerebral injury
  • Parkinson´s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • intermittent claudication