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Therapeutic Seats

adViva bietet individuell angepasste Therapiestuehle und Stehgeraete sowie Lagerungssysteme an.

The most important factor is the body mass of the user, which is why the therapeutic equipment are based on a modular system which allows optimal adjustments and for the system to grow with the user. By simply adjusting the central column and pads, the frame can be fit to different body types. A wide variety of supplementary pads and parts allows patients with degraded upper body control to stand firmly.

Therapeutic Seat for Children

The therapeutic seats combine stability and mobility. The movable pelvic support element allows pelvic movement and at the same time dorsal and ventral stabilisation of the pelvis.

Produkt Characteristics:

• Takes in to account various working positions
• Maximum trunk and spinal movability assuring pelvic stability with thigh steering
• Reduces tiredness and has a positive effect on muscle tone and supports a physiologically correct posture
• Optional breast pads allow that even children with serious disabilities can be put in various positions
• Can be delivered in 3 sizes which are suited also for small children and adults 

Indications: Impairment, reduced ability to stand as well as inabilities due to:

• Quadriplegia
• Multiple sclerosis
• Polio