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Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs have a lighter frame compared to standard wheelchairs and allow the user for example to lift it into a car without assistance of others. Additionally a lightweight wheelchair can be adjusted more individually in its seat width, depth and height as well as the height of the back rest. Additional outfit can also be chosen individually.

Lightweight wheelchairs are often used during the rehabilitation of people who had an apoplectic stroke or multiple sclerosis. This type of wheelchair is slightly more expensive than a standard wheelchair.

The following list of products is meant to give you an idea of the broad assortment that we offer you at adViva. Please contact us to assist you in choosing the wheelchair from our range that is suited best to fit your individual needs. 

Lightweight Wheelchair

This lightweight wheelchair is easily foldable and has small dimensions for comfortable transport. 

Product features:

  • seat width: 38 cm to 58 cm
  • seat height front: 40 cm to 50 cm, back: 35 cm to 50 cm
  • back seat height:  42,5 cm
  • drive wheels: 22" und 24 "
  • steering wheel: 5", 5,5“, 6", 7" & 8"

Standard Wheelchair

Standard wheelchair This standard wheelchair with a weight from 12.2 kg, can easily be changed, adapted and re-fitted as many of its parts are compatible within the X-Family wheelchair series.

Product features:

  • seat width: 41 cm to 50 cm
  • seat depth: 42 cm
  • seat height 51cm
  • back seat height: 43 cm
  • upholstered back rest
  • rigid push handles
  • standard: side panel can be swivelled upwards
  • drive wheels: 24“ puncture-proof tires, hand rim made of aluminium
  • steering wheel: 8“ x 1,25“ solid-rubber tyres
  • angle adjustable flip-up footrests,  plastic material, with heel band