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Sports Wheelchairs

Beside the individual adjustment necessary for every athlete, sports wheelchairs must also comply with special requirements regarding stability, manoeuvrability and weight. These again differ for different types of sports.

In basketball related sports the wheelchair needs to be light. It needs to turn swiftly and be robust at the same time. A sports wheelchair needs to retard and brake and accelerate quickly again.

In races on the other hand the sports wheelchair needs to stay firmly on the track and transmit the athletes arm strength ideally to the wheels. The total weight, the resistance of the wheels, the seat, and the drivers´ position as well as fitness and technique, combine to determine the final speed.

The following list of products is meant to give you an idea of the broad assortment that we offer at adViva. Please contact us if you have questions about the different sports wheelchairs or about other types not shown here and give us the opportunity of a non-binding informative talk.

Basketball Sports Wheelchair

The design of this wheelchair is based on the newest findings, which have been combined to result in optimal functionality. Especially Know-how from the bicycle production has been incorporated in this design.

Product features:

  • individually custom-made sports wheelchair
  • design dependent on the playing position
  • high stability combined with low net weight
  • anodized frame for high impact strength and scratch resistance
  • designed according to international regulations
  • welded or adjustable version available
  • excellent maneuverability and high revving combined with an outstanding acceleration capacity

Rugby Sports Wheelchair

This sports wheelchair is very fast and manoeuvrable, making it ideal for tackling in rugby.

Product features:

  • individually custom-made sports wheelchair
  • completely welded construction
  • attack-version for attacking players
  • defence-Version for defence players
  • designed according to international regulations

Sports Handbike

This handbike stands for energy, speed and action. Thousands of test kilometres and uncountable hours in our construction lab have led to a completely new concept with a weight of less than 13 kg.

Product features:

  • seat width: 36 cm to 46 cm in 2-cm steps
  • frame length: short or long
  • new: anatomically shaped back; adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • standard crank: 17.5 cm long, 49 cm wide; special custom-made crank optional
  • gear: 3 x 9 with turn-switch; Shimano Ultegra optional
  • speedometer: 9 functions
  • mudguards: front and rear
  • lighting: optional