Compression and lymph therapy

Compression and lymph therapy

Effective compression therapy with perfectly fitted compression stockings that "strengthen" the veins, reduce venous pressure, stabilize the function of the vascular wall and improve the metabolism in the tissue.

As a result, heavy and tired legs soon become a thing of the past. Unpleasant stretch marks, spider veins and the development of varicose veins are thus reduced or often prevented completely. The risk of blood clots and embolisms is also reduced by wearing compression stockings.

That is why many sportsmen and women "swear" by their compression stockings, as well as salespeople and all people who have to stand a lot in everyday life. The stockings are available in different designs, colors and patterns.

Medi Compression Center

We are very pleased that adViva has been awarded with the title "Medi compression center": This seal of quality is only granted to specialist retailers who provide first-class advice and care for patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. The training and further education of employees is the basic requirement – the topics range from phlebological measurement to health consultation for venous and lymphatic disorders. 

  • award by an independent certification company (e.g. Dekra)
  • regular review and renewal of the quality seal
  • procedure is recognized by the medical profession (Professional Association of Phlebologists and the German Society of Phlebology)

Lymph therapy

Lipedema and lymphedema require professional, permanent and individual treatment. adViva applies the so-called "complex decongestive therapy" (CDT). Flat knitted medical compression stockings with suture are an essential part of the therapy of lip- and lymphedema.

At adViva you will find a wide selection of these products. We are happy to answer your questions and advise you personally.

Medical compression armsleeves (AD) made to measure, compression calf stockings (AD), compression thigh highs (AG), compression tights (AT) as well as maternity pants and men's trousers: all custom-made and flat-knitted.

Vein therapy

Precise measurement is the basic requirement for a successful compression treatment. We determine the correct size and recommend the appropriate product. adViva provides you with specific compression and edema therapy:

  • modern measuring technology for perfect fit
  • made to measure products
  • large variety of stockings
  • good skin compatibility and moisture transport as well as temperature balance


In the assortment of adViva you will find compression knee highs, compression thigh highs, compression pantyhose and compression maternity pants made to measure; and all this in fashionable trend colors. You can also use the accessories to protect and care for your compression stockings.

Compression stockings for travel, work, sports and pregnancy

  • fashionable support stockings with a graduated pressure pattern for women and men
  • travel stockings for the prevention of venous disorders
  • compression stockings and compression garments to improve performance and regeneration during and after sports

Compression for burns and scars

Especially deep burns and scalds and the skin transplants often associated with them cause scars. In order to prevent proliferating scars (hypertrophic scars, keloids), external compression helps once the wound has healed.

Compression exerts therapeutically effective pressure on the wound area. Excessive and disordered connective tissue remodelling is thus prevented. Even scars that have existed for a long time can be positively influenced by subsequent compression treatment.

Postoperative compression care

After surgical interventions for esthetic reasons, such as liposuction, many surgeons nowadays rely on compressive aftercare of the patients. This accelerates the healing process, minimizes swelling and scarring and reduces the risk of infection. We provide you with suitable compression clothing made to measure. We offer these for both women and men.

Modern medicine focuses on aftercare with compression

Dressing aids for compression stockings and accessories

Putting on compression stockings is often difficult. Nevertheless, the stockings should be handled with care - and they should fit the leg or arm correctly in order to achieve their full effect. That is why we also show you some tips and tricks on how to best put on and care for compression stockings during your fitting at adViva.

To make putting on compression stockings easier, we have developed the donning aids: these are a great help not only for people with limited mobility. The donning aids for compression stockings are available in different versions. They are not only for compression stockings (both with open and closed toe) but also for compression tights.

Of course, adViva offers you the optimal donning aid and the optimal care product on site: We would like to make the start of compression therapy as easy as possible for you.

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