Breast prostheses and fashion

Breast prostheses and fashion

"Every surgical procedure is different and requires personalized healthcare. No matter whether your question is about breast forms made of 'silicone or not' ... you will find the optimal solution for you in exchange with the adViva consultants. Breast forms do not only have to meet cosmetic requirements – there are sufficient medical reasons for good care to avoid long-term complications such as lymphedema or shoulder and neck problems", says Petra Rother, adViva Specialist Consultant for Breast Prosthetics.

We offer a large and constantly updated collection of breast forms and are recognized as one of the Anita Care competence centers in Germany. We are also Anita Care and Amoena Mamma Care retailer. This means that we stand for qualified and well-trained staff who provide discreet and professional advice – always up to date.

Breast prostheses and fashion

Breast prostheses, special bras and swimwear - this is where our skills and competence lie.

We listen, talk to each other, provide advice and know that the challenges after breast surgery are great but manageable. Well-trained adViva specialist advisors will provide you with the appropriate breast prostheses and/or partial breast forms, which are invisibly integrated into the beautiful and modern special bras and swimwear that you can try on directly on site. ... but take a look for yourself at the latest information on breast prostheses and breast fashion.

This will enable you to act confidently again and move without restrictions. We offer a large and fashionable collection and have a reputation as one of the Anita Care competence centersin Germany. We are also Anita Care and Amoena Mamma Care retailer. This means that we stand for qualified and well-trained staff who provide discreet and professional advice - always up to date.

Breast prostheses and partial breast forms

Breast prostheses and partial breast forms made of silicone are used to provide care for women after breast cancer; both after breast amputation and after breast-conserving surgery (BCS). Professionally fitted silicone breast prostheses prevent secondary complications such as lymphedema, postural deformities or shoulder and neck pain.

It is very important to us that cosmetic as well as medical requirements are met during breast prosthetic treatment.

The range of breast prostheses and partial breast forms at adViva include silicone breast forms, light silicone breast forms, individually adjustable light breast forms, breast forms for initial treatment and swimming breast forms. adViva advises you in choosing the right product, we are happy to be of service to you.

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Post-surgery bras and lingerie

Our large selection of elegant and modern lingerie and underwear makes it easy for women to find the right product. Classic underwear for every day with a perfect fit and timeless elegance, seductive lingerie characterized by sophisticated details and trendy colors, sports bras, support bras - you will find all of these on site in many sizes and variations. Supported by our staff's competent and empathetic advice, you can browse and try them on until you are completely satisfied with your choice.

Initial care and post-surgery bras - protection and support

Finest and soft micromodal protects sensitive skin. Post-surgery bras are also comfortable to wear during and after radiotherapy. Especially women with skin problems and scars appreciate these features.

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Swimwear for prostheses

Mastectomy swimwear does not differ from classic seasonal swimwear in terms of appearance, provided it is optimally adapted and fits perfectly. Its special features make bathing and swimming pleasant and relaxing again. An integrated bustier keeps the breast prosthesis tight to the body in water and remains steady even during intensive movement. Especially integrated pockets hold the prosthesis securely in the correct position. Softcups and adjustable straps guarantee an optimal fit.

Swimsuits... bikinis... tankinis

The adViva collection includes the well-known brands Anita and Amoena, which are characterized by a high wearing comfort. Adjustable straps, breast lining, soft shells with pockets, cup sizes from A - D and 38 - 50 make the swimwear comfortable and give you a feeling of security in all situations.

Just drop in on us at the adViva Medical Center (adViva SanitätsCenter) at Bismarckplatz in the heart of Heidelberg. We have a large selection of elegant and high-quality mastectomy swimwear

adViva Follow-up Care

Post-surgical complications are not rare, but can be largely prevented by appropriate measures and timely and professional treatment.

The removal of the lymph nodes entails an increased risk of the formation of lymphedema. If lymphedema has developed despite preventive measures, lymph drainage and wrapping of the arm must be started immediately. A well-fitting arm compression stocking ensures rapid decongestion and provides long-term alleviation of the symptoms.

At adViva you will find a wide range of care products and dressing aids to make your daily use of compression products easier.

Our trained adViva compression consultants will be happy to assist you and advise you in detail on the choice of the appropriate fitting. In addition, we help you by providing useful tips and recommendable products such as Thera-bands or massage balls.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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