Orthopedic shoe insoles

Orthopedic shoe insoles

Do you already have orthopedic insoles from adViva and is it time for some new ones? Then simply send us an e-mail to heidelberg@adviva-info.de or call us at 06221/73923-0 and ask for information.
We will then send you a so-called "Podotrack", which you can easily use to make your own footprint in a few minutes. Directly below you will find a small video explaining this process. You will find all further information in your package.  And please remember your prescription, which you need for reordering.



Orthopedic shoe insoles

After foot scan and dynamic pressure measurement, we manufacture personalized orthopedic adViva insoles for you using precise CAD technology. Before we do so, we look at your gait pattern - and let these important findings also flow into the production process. This is what makes our custom-made insoles so special.

You can benefit from our knowledge and our evidence-based approach ... no matter whether you need orthopedic insoles in fine or comfortable shoes for everyday life, for jogging, triathlon, football, handball or for your ski boots. If you have any questions about specific sports and their requirements, please contact our sports scientists, who will be happy to assist you.

The consequences of undetected incorrect posture, which can lead to malpositions in the locomotor system, are often the trigger for joint overload, chronic injuries, muscle or tendon irritation, as well as painful alterations.

Orthopedic insoles enable the foot to regain a healthy position and help to avoid subsequent problems. They can prevent, relieve, correct and increase performance.

"adViva made my dream of Ironman come true. With the personalized orthopedic insoles I can cover the distances even more successfully. Thanks to the consultation based on movement analysis and athletic exercises, my problems with the lumbar spine have improved significantly, both when running and cycling." (Christian Klefenz, Ketsch).

"Just by going to adViva, I feel better. On site, I feel in good hands with the reliable advice and the precise taking of measurements. What I particularly appreciate: the insoles are not 'clumsy' and also fit well in more elegant shoes. In addition, adViva pays particular attention to checking the optimal fit." (Petra Sattler, Heidelberg).

adV Alltag

The orthopedic insole adViva “Alltag” for everyday life provides an optimum of support and relief for the musculoskeletal system due to its individual and indication-related production.

  • reduction of discomfort and pain
  • extension of walking distances
  • support with physical activities


  • well elaborated hindfoot correction
  • multilayer construction with excellent damping properties

adV Elegance

The thin and flexible orthopedic insole adViva Elegance is especially designed for street shoes with little space and also suitable for high heels:

  • optimizes comfort of elegant shoes
  • reduces pressure peaks in the shoe
  • acts preventively against fatigue of foot muscles


  • space-saving and elegant design
  • support of an active life by reduction of pain due to overstrain

adV Kids

The orthopedic insole adViva Kids provides the best conditions for the little ones to grow up without any worries.

  • protection against incorrect loading and overloading
  • concentrated support of healthy muscle activity
  • specific correction of the child's foot


  • dimensionally stable shell shape around the rear foot
  • visually appealing design
  • washable

adV Sport

The specially designed orthopedic insole adViva Sport is manufactured based on the movement sequences of the various sports such as running, riding, walking, cycling, tennis, football, skiing, etc:

  • performance-enhancing and gentle on the joints
  • preventing injuries
  • being right on top again quickly after injuries


  • activate knee stabilizing muscle groups
  • redistribute pressure conditions



adV "Arbeitssicherheit" (safety at work)

Special regulations apply to safety shoes when used with orthopedic insoles (BGR 191). The orthopedic insole adViva “Arbeitssicherheit” for safety at work can be used in safety shoes in accordance with these regulations (certified).

  • relieving effect on foot and joints
  • antistatic insole for the conservative treatment of orthopedic foot, knee, hip and back problems
  • type-tested supply system in combination with safety shoes from Steitz Secura, Elten and Atlas Schuhen
  • Compliance with DIN 61340 on ESD conductivity


  • made of durable materials
  • space-saving and dimensionally stable design

adV Neuro

The sensomotoric (proprioceptive), orthopedic active insoles adViva Neuro serve to compensate for muscular imbalances and neurologically induced bad posture. The specially designed aktiVspots are also taken into account for the orthopedic insoles "Alltag" for everyday life, “Sport” and “Elegance”.

  • stimulate muscles and promote coordination
  • reduce long-term damage
  • allow targeted control of muscle chains


  • thin, flexible and therefore space-saving design
  • indication-oriented, customized production

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