Seating and positioning equipment

"In order to let people participate in social events, adViva develops customized solutions for different positioning systems, which offer optimal comfort for the person concerned and the nursing staff. Since these are custom-made products, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have".


Seating and positioning equipment

Seating and positioning equipment

Positioning systems

... are needed to avoid bedsores on the one hand, but also to support therapies - for example, after Vojta.


Seat shells

... are also made individually. We also offer chassis on which the seat shells are simply mounted. This allows a significant increase and improvement in mobility and integration of the user.

Standing devices

Standing up, a person experiences the world from a completely different perspective and can more easily make contact with others.

Standing devices that are suitable for everyday use lead to independent standing.


Therapy chairs

... are the ideal support in kindergarten, at school and at home. The focus is on the user's individual body measurements, which is why the therapy devices are modular in design. This allows optimal adjustment and the devices grow with the user. By simply changing the pads, the device can be individually adapted to the most varied body dimensions.

Mobility has many facets and means something different for everyone: physical mobility, social independence, flexibility in life planning. This also applies to people who are dependent on a wheelchair or other mobility aids. We offer you a means of locomotion with special positioning systems that are practical and functional on the one hand, but on the other hand are designed to match your personal wishes and lifestyle.

It is our wish to relieve your pain with these special solutions, as well as to improve your posture when lying down or sitting. This gives you more mobility and you can participate more actively in social life.

adViva positioning systems

.... for a better regulation of salivary flow

Improvement of breathing - pain reduction - extension of resting periods

We at adViva manufacture systems for prone, back or lateral positioning according to a vacuum impression in our own workshop. If the patient manages to remain lying in the vacuum for 10-15 minutes, this is an excellent indication that he/she feels comfortable in this position. We then implement this positioning requirement by hand.

The covers can not only be composed of different materials and colors, but also offer functional aspects such as breathability, waterproofness and easy cleaning.

adViva orthotic seat shells

... for individual stabilization of the posture with breathable and waterproof fabrics

Improvement of the care situation – strengthening the perception of sensorimotor functions – pain relief

For your individual stabilization we offer foam materials in different degrees of hardness. You can select the cover material to suit your personal needs. Furthermore, the adViva orthotic seat shells provide

  • easy handling of the straps
  • individually adjustable straps
  • easy to clean, removable covers

Active wheelchair with adViva lightweight seat shell

... Pressure relief and good hold after a vacuum impression or measurement taken

Pain relief - comfortable and healthy posture - maintaining your own body mobility

adViva customizes the padding of the seat for you. Depending on your weight and the required pressure relief, we install support surfaces for you. For your personal support the aluminium back shell is built up with padding.



Active wheelchairs with adViva dynamic back

... Back section adjustment is carried out by adViva employees who have been certified by the manufacturer

Stable posture, as upright as possible - maintaining your own mobility

Ideal for support in clinical pictures such as paraplegia or spina bifida. For dynamic sitting, we offer you a dimensionally accurate adaptation of the back section to your own body shape. It is important to maintain a stable and upright posture. This allows you to move better.

The straps on the back parts of the wheelchair allow individual adjustment of height, desired posture and mobility. We would be glad to manufacture a suitable seat cushion for you: naturally according to your measurements and desired upholstery.

adViva personalized headrests, belt systems and foam

Belt systems

For the custom-made products we use certain belt and fixing systems. These guarantee that every section of the body is optimally positioned.


For the stabilization of the cervical spine, we offer headrests that are specially designed for you. These may vary in size, shape and hardness.


In order to be able to react better to your special requirements, we have seating systems in different degrees of hardness. The foam covers can be breathable and water repellent. We will be happy to present these to you in various colors and patterns for your personalized style.

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