Individual orthoses and orthotic shoes

Individual orthoses and orthotic shoes



The orthoses, which adViva develops individually for the respective needs of the prevailing clinical picture, are manufactured in our own workshops. This has the advantage of short communication channels, close cooperation in the team and high flexibility, which is reflected in a quick production and, if necessary, prompt adjustments. Orthoses correct the joint condition, improve the gait pattern, support, guide and stabilize.

The extensive know-how and the evidence-based approach of the adViva experts in the field of orthoses for standing and walking also facilitate the development and production of positioning orthoses, trunk orthoses or hand or arm orthoses.

Physical objectives maturation of the hip socket ▪ prevention of luxation ▪ prevention or improvement of joint contractures ▪ increase of bone density ▪ activation of the trunk muscles ▪ head control ▪ tonus regulation ▪ strengthening the cardiovascular system ▪ promotion of gastro-intestinal activity ▪ improvement of respiration, resulting in a higher oxygen content in the blood

Cognitive goals improve body awareness ▪ perception of space ▪ communication ▪ social competence ▪ attention

... by the way, you will also find a comprehensive selection of modern orthotic shoes at adViva.

adV® PowerSpring®

An orthosis from the house of adViva:

  • Improved knee extension and easier swinging through by optimal interaction between the construction and material selection of the orthosis – thus enabling physiological walking
  • Increased return of energy and thus the possibility of more economical walking, thus extending the range of action
  • Active stretching of the musculature
  • Possibility of wearing ready-made shoes
  • Lower and upper ankle joint are kept corrected despite dynamic mobility
  • Movements are not blocked but supported
  • The orthosis also becomes a training device

You can find further information under adV® PowerSpring®


Ankle Foot Orthoses

... for the correction of foot malpositions in the back and forefoot

  • individually adjusted foot bed
  • upper ankle joint is mobile
  • corrected foot position: the foot is stabilized in the orthosis
  • light dynamic treatment
  • neutral position of the ankle joints

Lower leg orthoses

The adViva® lower leg orthoses are manufactured in the PrePreg technique. The orthopedic aid distinguishes itself through its construction and dynamic properties. It is designed for patients and their individual requirements. As a result, necessary energy is stored and returned during a step cycle.

Lower leg orthoses with joint

  •  equinus foot prophylaxis
  •  stabilization of the upper and lower ankle joint during transfers
  •  correction of axial malpositions through condylar grip
  •  range of motion of the upper ankle joint precisely adjustable by mechanical joints

Thigh Orthoses

Thigh orthoses can be mechanically or electronically controlled and it is possible to set an individual degree of mobility.

Thigh orthoses with electronic knee joint

The orthopedic aid is mainly made of high-tech materials such as carbon fibers, which are much lighter to wear.

Thigh orthoses with electronic sensors

Pressure and movement sensors control the knee joints to achieve a natural gait pattern.

Thanks to the stance and swing phase control of the C-Brace® orthosis system, the entire gait cycle is physiologically regulated and controllable dynamically in real time.

Hip-spanning standing and walking orthoses with 3D hip joint

... in case of paralysis of the hip extensors and hip abductors (L3 - L5)

Salera orthoses are equipped with hip joint systems that allow for non-controlled pelvic rotation in a limited area. The field of application is for lesions between L5 and L2. At this paralysis level the patient is able to actively rotate the pelvis and lift the leg.

The lateral inclination of the trunk towards the side of the free leg allows the free leg to be lifted. By shifting the center of gravity, the leg is brought forward.

RGO - Reciprocal Gait Orthosis

... Orthosis for high level of paralysis (Th5 - L3)

The RGO orthosis is equipped with a reciprocally guided hip joint system that allows isocentric movement of the hip joint.

It can be used for lesions between L2 and Th5. Reciprocal walking orthoses support children learning to walk during treatment of spina bifida. They stabilize the joints of the lower extremities throughout the hip and thus enable the paraplegic to stand upright.

By connecting the hip joints, walking with reciprocal flexion and extension of the hip is possible.



At adViva we design orthoprostheses with our specific know-how and our experience so that the best possible functional and cosmetic care is achieved. Orthoprostheses, a symbiosis of orthoses and prostheses, are of course custom-made.

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