Movement analysis

Movement analysis

"For me, an interdisciplinary exchange with my colleagues is extremely important in order to achieve an optimal result for each customer or patient as adViva covers many different areas of expertise.

My approach is to look at the person in front of me in a holistic way in order to identify the main cause of e.g. pain: Is the primary concern with the equipment or is it an effect of not focusing enough on the training? The better I can understand the person and their environment, the easier it is for me to define the conceptual approach and training content.

Our knowledge and evidence regarding movement analysis helps us to improve the support of children, elderly people and people with disabilities."

Moritz Göhring, sports scientist, adViva movement analysis

Movement analysis

Video-supported motion analysis illustrates the individual sequences of movement and thus helps to detect incorrect positions and/or overloading.

Our movement analyses are carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation in the adViva team and are then jointly evaluated. Patients and customers receive recommendations for personalized training programs, for medical aids such as insoles, bandages or orthoses - always with the aim of promoting or restoring movement without pain. The adViva movement analysis is also highly recommended as a preventative measure.

It is aimed at a broad target group: amateur athletes, elderly people, children, senior citizens, stroke patients and many more.

The individual steps:

1. Personal interview regardless of what kind of pain you feel, whether you want to be more mobile in everyday life or fitter in sports, or as a competitive athlete want to achieve higher performance ... We will help you and start with your personal needs.

2. Film recordings Our video-supported movement analysis is one of our main services. We film the customer / patient during different kinds of movements and then analyze the results in an interdisciplinary team.

3. Detailed report Based on your individual life situation, you will receive a training recommendation or a treatment plan from adViva consultants. In addition, we will provide you with a copy of the DVD together with a detailed and comprehensible report


Gait analysis for children and adults with neurological diseases

In order to find out exactly what is wrong with the patient's gait pattern and how this results in incorrect loading and deviations from the "normal" gait, a video-supported movement analysis during a gait consultation is useful. Each gait phase is individually assessed and documented in the analysis sheets. Additional dynamic tests are necessary to determine and treat the cause of the main deviation afterwards.

Once it has been determined which deviations are present, therapy planning can be started. The cooperation between physiotherapy and orthopedic technology is of great importance in this process, as many deviations also require targeted strength training. The concept of adViva GmbH has not only an orthopedic-technical, but also a therapeutic treatment approach.

All measures must be specifically oriented towards the findings of gait analysis. Both the physiotherapeutic treatments and the training programs are designed to improve individual gait phases. In addition, the weakened but still functional muscle groups should be activated instead of just mobilizing individual joints and structures.

An interdisciplinary concept for the application of neuro-orthopedic orthoses:  Due to the different symptoms and clinical pictures of patients, it is very important to clearly define the desired goals of treatment with orthoses in advance.

Movement analysis for active people to increase their quality of life.

"What is my personal goal?" This question is the beginning of every adViva movement analysis. It is important to know what is to be achieved or changed such as

  • reducing discomfort and pain
  • extending walking distances
  • supporting an active life

For older people, fall prevention is also very important to avoid injuries and further pain.

The objectives are always discussed directly with the customer / patient within the framework of the adViva® movement analysis. Testing and evaluation are carried out by an interdisciplinary team consisting of sports scientists, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians.

Based on individual findings, data and facts of the actual situation are collected. These are then viewed, explained and analyzed. Training plans are discussed and possible medical aids such as insoles or bandages are recommended to help achieve individual goal.

Movement analysis for amateur athletes who want to enjoy movement

adViva supports many competitive athletes, but also popular sportsmen and women in their movement analysis. While competitive athletes regularly come to adViva at the beginning of the season, but also during the course of the season, in order to analyze their movement sequences, amateur athletes usually only come to the analysis when they experience pain.

Thus the most frequent objectives can be found in the following three points:

  • pain relief
  • increase in performance
  • prophylaxis of consequential damage

Both the female soccer players of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim (1st and 2nd Bundesliga, but also the junior teams), as well as the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and children and teenagers of adViva partner Anpfiff ins Leben regularly carry out adViva movement analyses.

Movement analysis for competitive athletes

adViva supports the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim women's soccer team and the adViva handbike team. The Rhein-Neckar Löwen also regularly use adViva movement analyses to optimize their athletics and both to improve performance and to prevent injuries.

In addition to various ball sports such as soccer, handball and rugby, adViva is also a health partner in the field of exercise at running events of the Sportkreis Heidelberg and at events in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

The main objectives in this area:

  • improving performance
  • preventing injuries
  • to be "on top" again as soon as possible after injury

Job-specific movement analysis

For people who are exposed to physical strain at work, a job-specific movement analysis is recommended.

This allows deficits to be quickly recognized and treated. The analysis is also very well suited as a preventive measure. Long losses of working hours are minimized.

The job-specific movement analysis can also be carried out at the workplace with our mobile system.

  • prevention
  • pain reduction
  • clarification/illustration of the particular strain on the body by discussing the video recordings.

Movement analysis for horse and rider

The adViva motion analysis for horse and rider was presented in January 2013 at the Hessian County Stud in Dillenburg. The aim of the video-supported movement analysis is to improve personal performance through optimized and health-friendly movement sequences. The individual biomechanical movement sequences of horse and rider are analyzed.

Riding is a complex sport in terms of the sequence of movements, as it is "posture in motion". This means almost exclusively eccentric muscle work. Horse and rider are two individuals who must find their special prerequisites together if the desired movement is to be successful, efficient, harmonious and at the same time health-preserving. The rider, his riding ability and his physical conditions play a decisive role here. But it is also important to individually adjust the so-called "connecting points between rider and horse", i.e. the saddle, the feet in the stirrups and the reins.

Based on these concepts, an expert team of physiotherapists for humans, equine osteopaths, hippotherapists, active riders, specialists for movement analysis, saddle experts, orthopedic technicians and master shoemakers developed the 5-step adViva movement analysis for horse and rider as well as special insoles for riders.

The adViva movement analysis for horse and rider costs 250 Euro. In addition to on-site advice, you will receive a folder containing video sequences and an individual exercise plan, a measurement sheet of the horse's back with a saddle recommendation, as well as a plan for exercises on the horse. While observing the video (without horse) you have the possibility to ask your questions and find out possible solutions. You pay 80 Euro each.

Your contact: Anke Jung, phone: 06221 73923-0,

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