"For me it is important to live self-determined and get some support. In this respect I have a lot to thank adViva for. The people here carefully take care of recipes and supply. For example, they lent me a wheelchair for a week for testing, because especially in the beginning I did not know exactly what I needed. At adViva, however, it is not only the professional competence that is right: here, people also have their heart in the right place." (Frank Hüttenberger, Framersheim)

Handicap? Aiding mobility... our passion!

Handicap? Aiding mobility... our passion!

For adViva, the first step is to understand the needs, wishes and objectives of the patients in their social environment. On this basis, we develop the necessary measures with technical aids to make everyday life easier for people in wheelchairs: from the door ramp to supporting them in using the shower in the most efficient way. adViva offers you broad and individual support.

Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon

The Heidelberg Wheelchair Marathon is one of adViva’s passions. Our employees and cooperation partners such as the Hoffenheim women's footballers take part themselves. Of course, the adViva handbike team is also part of it.


adViva is very proud to have its own handbike team. Some team members are also part of the German National Team, which participates in the Paralympic Games. However, handbiking is also a perfect alternative for everyone in a wheelchair.


adViva organizes annual monoski courses to give wheelchair users the opportunity to explore the wonderful mountain world in the Alps under professional guidance of the successful Paralympic participant Martin Braxenthaler. The video shows the beautiful atmosphere.

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