"In 2014, my two lower legs were amputated in five operations. After the initial treatment in the BG Clinic in Ludwigshafen, I am now very grateful that I can still walk with the help of my prostheses. It is very important for me that I have reliable support in this matter. I have found this at adViva, where I extremely appreciate the craftsmanship and friendliness". (Volker Lauble, Neunkirchen)


The prostheses are manufactured in the adViva workshop according to the latest technical know-how. Only the most up-to-date components and materials are used. We manufacture your prostheses according to your wishes, take individual and exact measurements and gladly consider your design ideas.

We manufacture prostheses for everyday life, for sports and leisure. adViva advises you on the choice of a suitable definitive or interim prosthesis. So that you are mobile again as soon as possible after the operation and have a reliable partner for your everyday life and sports activities. We also fit shower and bath prostheses.

At adViva we also offer a prosthesis walking training including video analysis. Here, motion sequences are recorded and then discussed together. In addition, developments and progress can be documented and used for the fitting.

At adViva there is also a selection of shoes for prosthetic feet, which are specially developed for the needs of prosthesis wearers.


At adViva we design orthoprostheses with our specific know-how and our experience so that the best possible functional and cosmetic care is achieved. Orthoprostheses, a symbiosis of orthoses and prostheses, are of course custom-made.

Foot prostheses

Different system solutions are possible for forefoot prostheses.
They are manufactured according to your individual needs.        

Lower limb prostheses

Bei Unterschenkel-Prothesen kommt es vor allem auf das Gewicht und die Eintrittsfläche, also den optimalen Schaft, an.

Die Versorgungsmöglichkeiten sind von der Mobilität und der vorhandenen Muskulatur abhängig. Um die Prothese optimal an die individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen zu können, setzt adViva in der hauseigenen Orthopädie-Werkstatt modernste Technik und Materialien ein.

Upper limb prostheses

The various upper limb prostheses differ in comfort and design. adViva offers a variety of different options for prosthetic knee joints and is certified for the installation of the electronic knee joints "C-leg", "Rheo" and "Plie".

Depending on your life situation we can offer you the optimal knee joint - even for a two-week trial period!


Prostheses for shower and bath

adViva offers prosthetics for shower and bath for every amputation level for beach and bathing holidays as well as for bathing in chlorinated water. They can be used for daily showering while standing, for swimming or transfer to the pool.

There is also the possibility to attach special non-slip prosthetic feet

Sports prostheses

For various sports such as skiing, running, cycling or skating, we manufacture special sports prostheses in the adViva workshop.

In doing so, we respond specifically to the wishes and suggestions of athletes, depending on the respective amputation level. Basically, we use carbon spring feet, which ensure that the forces that occur when the foot touches the ground are optimally used. This reduces energy loss and thus increases speed. Our goal is to achieve the best possible efficiency for the athlete through individual settings (e.g. through the video-supported adViva® movement analysis).

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